I'm back

After a month spent mostly on a quilt, with a few health issues thrown in, I am finally working on a bra again! What a relief! I think the quilt started becoming a "job" for me and I didn't realise that I should actually have been treating myself to another creative activity for relaxation. I usually sew to relax from my job as a non-fiction editor, but I haven't had much work for the past month, so sewing the quilt became my job. Anyway, the quilt is almost finished - I still have to do the binding - but I just needed to do something else.

Emma's Quilt, machine-quilted and ready for binding

This time, I am making a bra for my mom. This is the first bra I am attempting for someone else. I decided on the Sewy Rebecca pattern, because I have it and it is sized from 80A to 90H. My mom's measurements are 83-99, so I am using size 85B. What a difference from my own 80H! The pattern pieces are so small!

As this is a first attempt, I am making a "wearable muslin" from thin lycra in a single thickness. I am trying to make it nice though, just in case it fits well. My mom has been wearing a 40B (90B in metric), which is much too big in the cups, because she finds the side pieces of the bands in the smaller cup sizes much to narrow. The Sewy Rebecca has a nice wide band which fits very well, and I hope she'll like this.

Sewy Rebecca, size 85B, with band elastic ready to be topstitched

The only problem is that she lives 1500 km (over 900 miles) away, so I'll have to try and fit and adjust the pattern "remotely". I can see my dad will have to handle the digital camera - not his usual thing!

I am hoping to finish it this weekend. I still have to get underwires, though, as I only have my own size in stock.


  1. Lena said

    Dein Quilt ist unglaublich schön!
    Ich habe selten so schöne Machinenquilten gesehen!
    Mir fehlen einfach die Worte!
    Es ist ein richtiger Kunststück geworden !!!!

    Sigrid said

    Beautiful quilt, and the bra looks lovely. Hope you don't have to do many adjustments.

    Tina said

    Danke Lena, thanks Sigrid! It feels great to get such unexpected feedback! I will be posting a few more pics of my quilt once it is finished. I do spend a lot of time on the quilting itself and really enjoy the way it makes the fabric "come alive".

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