Moving to a new space

I have really missed writing for my blog but have been finding it difficult... for various reasons. One of these is that I have finally, after years of threatening to do it, swapped rooms with my daughter. Debbie's re-org of her sewing room provided the final push. My daughter now has my smaller but cosier ex-study as her bedroom - and against all her expectations, loves it. Her lime-green ex-bedroom is now my new office and workspace. And believe, me, it still needs a lot of work. I have moved in all the furniture, my laptop is on my desk, and my machines have been set up and used, but about half my stuff is still in the old room. The new room has an entire wall covered in shelving, which will be nice for storing books, notions and fabrics (once I've moved and organised it). I had a wonderful sense of accomplishment after doing the move, and I like my new big space.

I have completed five different versions of the Jalie Sweetheart top (all for DD), with one final short-sleeved top cut out and ready to be sewn. Two of these have been sewn in the new room.


  1. Debbie Cook said

    Glad I helped push! Love all those "new" shelves you'll soon be filling up. Now if I could just give myself the final push to be done with mine.

    liana said

    glad to see I'm not the only one that make use of (apple/fruit) boxes ( top shelf)^_^
    I closed mine for stacking space. I also numbered each and made a spreadsheet of the contents of each one. this was printed, placed in plastic sleeve and thumtacked in cuboard door. looking at the sheet + box number makes it much easier to find what I'm looking for.

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