Sewing room progress

There is a kind of Murphy's law that applies to rooms that have been recently organised - you end up spending a lot of time searching for things. I started working on a skirt for my daughter's tap dancing yesterday - a tiered gypsy-style skirt with shirring at the waist for a comfortable fit. I started using shirring elastic already on the bobbin, but ran out last night. I know I have a whole spool of shirring elastic - somewhere. I spent all the time I had available for sewing this afternoon on looking for that elastic. And I haven't found it yet. OK, I have to admit that a lot of my sewing stuff is still not organised, and I often end up throwing unrelated items found on my sewing surfaces into boxes, so it might be buried underneath some bra fabric. I finally decided to stop searching and just go and buy a new spool tomorrow.

I drafted the skirt myself, if one can call cutting three strips of fabric with a rotary cutter "drafting". The crinkled cotton fabric came from my stash. I actually wanted to make a circle skirt, but didn't have any suitable fabric in a colour that was acceptable to the client ;) I gathered the tiers by sewing a single line of gathering using strong thread in the bobbin, which worked very well. The hem was finished with a rolled hem done with the overlocker in matching thread. I may still topstitch the seams, maybe with metallic thread or add sequined trim. I want to finish it tomorrow!

Since my last post. I have at least arranged a lot of my notions (in clear plastic tubs) on the selves closest to my sewing machines. While looking for fabric for the skirt, I also folded and stacked my lingerie and t-shirt fabrics - I like being able to see my stuff. "Out of sight, out of mind" describes my attitude well.

I will be working on a "real work" project from the beginning of next week, and am planning to do more sorting and organising in my breaks. I am usually much more productive when I have work than when I have a lot of time on my hands!


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