Working with knits

I have been sewing a little every day and have managed to complete another Burda 8699 camisole top and have almost finished the cardigan - just need to overlock the armhole seams and stitch the hems. I also completed a cellphone sock for my husband. He loves it and so far the bright orange colour has worked. I knitted it from cotton perle thread. It took me ages to find a "cuff" finish that looked nice. Ribbing didn't look right (I am a bad ribbing knitter). In the end I settled for heel stitch, as it pulls in the knitting nicely.

I have revisited Marcy Tilton's website and looked at the preview of her CD book "Where did you get that T-shirt?" again. I read reviews of it on patternreview and decided to take the plunge today and ordered it. (There was no option for overseas shipping, so I'm hoping they will send it to South Africa.) I was so impressed with the video showing how to tissue-fit a t-shirt. I used the technique on the Burda cardigan and it actually worked! It was incredibly liberating to be able to make something that fits over my not insubstantial bust while not gaping at the armhole. New sleek wardrobe, here I come!

What I love about the video is that she demonstrates the technique on herself, and she is a real person, not a model or dress form. I've already learnt much just from the preview and looking at her books on Google books, so I can't wait to see the whole CD.

Here is the pattern envelope for the Burda pattern.

And here is the pattern with the armhole dart added. I also added 1"/2.5 cm to the length. It's like a mini-FBA for a t-shirt and preserves the sleek look.

I haven't taken pics of the finished garment yet, but will try to do that tomorrow.

I have also been looking at Jalie patterns the last week and am very tempted to order some. It's very expensive - the international shipping from Canada costs more than the pattern itself, but they have got such rave reviews. I am thinking of the following patterns:



(Just got email from Shelley at Marcy Tilton and they will ship he CD for $8. Yay!)


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