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I am back from a week's holiday in Cape Town, where I visited family and friends. My planned trip to some Capetonian fabric shops didn't happen, but I did manage to get to a great little wool shop called the Wool Boutique in Fish Hoek, where I found two balls of Opal sock wool in colours that I like - and on sale too!

I have found that knitting with Opal yarn generally goes fast, as I love watching the patterns develop. The colours are both Regenwald patterns, "Kasimir der Draufgänger" left and "Rosa die Süsse" right. I like wearing brightly coloured socks! This is how they knit up:


I also received my Marcy Tilton T-shirt CD today and it is great. I've already watched most of the videos and have learnt a lot already - now to put it into practice!

I started working on my black padding bra on Sunday and am quite pleased with the results so far. It fits much better than my ill-fated stretch lace bra (I don't know if I'll be able to save that one from the bin). The padding gives superior support and feels nice and smooth. I have been able to fit this bra before sewing on the underarm elastic. The cups were a bit too large in two places and I decided to cut and sew darts in the padding.

This is the inside of the cup with a dart marked:

Here I have cut out the dart on the upper cup next to the centre front:

Here I have sewn it up with a zigzag:

I am not entirely happy with the result of the dart - it spoils the smooth effect a bit, but will probably be OK in the final bra, and I will be able to modify the pattern for next time.I am finding the padding to be excellent as a tool to show exactly how the cup fits. I did however enlarge the pattern a bit according to Jos's instructions, and am wondering whether this has affected the fit. But if I remember correctly, the two spots where I have added darts - top cup and underarm - are where I have found the bra to be a bit too large in the failed stretch lace version too, so maybe I can use this to help me refine the pattern for ordinary fabric too.

Here is the bra in progress (sorry about the blurry photo - it as the last one I took before getting into bed with my laptop):


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