Retail therapy

I hate shopping for necessities, especially vegetables, but there's nothing like the promise of a visit to my local fabric shop to cheer my spirits. I was feeling a bit tired and duh this afternoon, and not looking forward to the drive to pick up my daughter from school, but once I decided that I had enough time to dash into Ragland to buy buttons for my grey Burda cardigan, it suddenly didn't seem so bad. Of course, I saw some other little things that I wanted, like the chisel for opening buttonholes (just when I needed it!) and two little bottles for my dollshouse kitchen.

I wanted some cut-glass buttons for the cardigan, and managed to find some lovely sparkly fake ones. (I remember my granny had real glass buttons like these.) Also two silver buttons to cover the joins where I attached the straps on my little brown camisole (pics to follow). Unfortunately, the flash doesn't show the sparkle in the buttons (only on the chisel, drat), but I'll try again tomorrow.

This actually seems to be a retail therapy WEEK, as I got my t-shirt CD on Monday and also visited the Hospice charity shop next door to the post office, where I found a blue silk shirt for R18 (=US$2.40!), as well as a lovely selection of goodies. The brown crochet threads are for tapestry crochet and the white ones for dollshouse things - one is  80 and the other 30, very fine. I loved the frilly pink elastic. The two gadgets are things I've been thinking of for months! A nifty little knitting needle gauge with metric sizes on one side, and when you turn it over, the same holes labeled in US sizes. Just what I need when buying thrift store needles for knitting socks! I have found this to be the best place to get sets of five needles, which I find more comfortable than four for knitting in the round. The ruler is marked in millimetres and is sturdy. My old one (vintage from my granny's stuff) is marked in inches, and I use both depending on what I'm measuring. The blue silk shirt is the background here - I'm still deciding whether it;'s going to be mine or my husband's : )


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