New pattern bought

I finally decided to buy New Look 6558 today, the official start to my SWAP (sewing with a plan). I have been reading up about this idea, and want to try it out. I chose the pattern becasue it contains a skirt and pants, jacket, and three tops, all fitted to flatter my (full) hourglass shape.

The pants have a side zipper, which is supposedly good for my figure type(!) - I will try it out. At least they don't look low-rise.

Here is my working copy of the line drawings of the clothes I want to sew. I am still refining this and will move them around to loook nicer later. I am limiting myself to fabrics I already have in my cupboard. Once I've decided on exactly which styles to make, I will match them up with fabrics and use the picture as a guideline.

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  1. Jos said

    Tell me more about the SWAP, what are you going to do exactly

    liana said

    Hi Tina
    yes I would actually also want to know what is SWAP???

    Tina said

    Will write about it in my next post!

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