Blog name change

Maybe you've noticed - I decided to rename my blog, as I have ended up blogging more about other sewing projects than about sewing lingerie! For fun I have also changed the colour scheme to my favourite purple/lilac/lavender.

so so adv. & a. phr. (a) adv. phr. indifferently; only moderately;
(b) adj. phr. (usu. pred.) indifferent, mediocre; not very good;

Excerpted from Oxford Talking Dictionary


  1. Heather said

    I wouldn't say you are a so-so sewist though! ;-D Quite the opposite!

    Jos said

    no way so so :-)

    Tina said

    No, honestly, when I look at the things people show on their blogs I feel very average, and I also spend so much time doing other thinbgs that I don't get round to sewing as often as I'd like.

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