Starting a new bra!

Inspired by fellow sew-along sewist Heather, I finally got out my patterns and started working on a bra again. I am starting off with a new bra for my mom, as this has been on her wishlist for ages. What's been keeping me back was that I had to adjust the pattern. She wanted more coverage under the arm and I also wanted to adjust the left cup, as I could pinch out a small dart when we were fitting the first bra. Here are the adjusted pattern pieces. I raised the underarm edge by 1", but kept the strap attachment in the same position. The blue line shows where I folded out the dart. I pivoted around the bottom where the line intersects the seam line so the cup seam stays the same. Let's hope it works! (Click here to see the result.)

I have cut out the bra from lavender cotton-lycra knit (for hot summer weather!). I am planning to add white trim.

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  1. Heather said

    It's good to sew bras again, huh? :-)

    Jos said

    You go girl!!

    Tina said

    Thanks for your encouragement!

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