Danglez DB4 bra cut out

I have finally finished cutting out my Danglez DB4 bra number two. I started a few weeks ago but had problems with my wash-out maker and couldn't see the lines well enough at night to cut. The lycra I am using for the bra is very slippery and made it difficult to draw exact lines with the blue marker. The purple disappearing marker worked much better, but I know from experience that with our humidity it would be gone within an hour, so I could only use it if I had time to cut out too.

Here are all the pieces arranged on my flannel board. I have cut everything in double lycra, except the back band, which I cut in lycra and satin powernet.

While arranging the pieces I discovered that I had cut one top cup in the wrong direction, so I still need to cut one piece before starting to sew.

I collected my sewing machine from the dealer yesterday agter its first service - I have sewn more than 2 million stitches over the last four years! Great to have it back, and I managed to get it to fit into my new sewing cabinet, after at first thinking the sewing surface was too large (felt a bit disappointed then). Can't wait to start sewing  with wrist support! Sewing has so far been one of the major contributors to my shoulder pain, and I am hoping that this will now get better.


  1. Lena said

    Hallo Tina! Statt mit dem Marker zu zeichnen, versuch doch mal die Teile mit einem Rollschneider auf einer Schneidermatte zu schneiden! Da brauchst du keine linien, es ist viel genauer und geht viel schneller :-) Viel Erfolg mit dem DB4!

    Tina said

    Danke Lena! Ich schneide immer meine Teile mit einem Rollschneider, aber zeichne sie ers mal of dem Stoff mit einem Marker.Vielleicht geht's schnelle direkt am Rande des Snittmusters zu schneiden?

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