Tutorials added

I have added three new tutorials to my blog. I had them as PDF files first but there were problems with downloading the files. Just click on the links below to go the post with the tutorial.

Adding a larger seam allowance to the bridge when you forgot to cut it wide enough at the bottom
Inserting cups
Channelling how to
Making broader straps

I hope they are helpful!



  1. Peg in South Carolina said

    I tried to access the tutorials. Subscribed to Box as directed (the free versions) and was then told I was not allowed access to your tutorials. By the way, I came here via Sigrid's bra blog.

    Sigrid said

    Hi Tina, I also tried. I think you have to make your folders public/shared.

    Looking forward to see them.

    Nancy W. said

    Ditto what Peg and Sigrid said

    Tina said

    Thanks for letting me know. It took me a while to see that some of my files are "shared" while others were not. I have changed all to "shared" status, so it should work now.

    suezeyque said

    Ditto, what Peg said. Looking forward to seeing them.

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