Making broader straps

The Danglez DB4 pattern has a little “lip” at the top of the cup for attaching the straps, and I made mine broader when I cut it out. When I measured it at the strap-attaching stage I found that it was twice the width of my bra strapping. So I had to be a bit creative.

I didn’t feel like making straps from scratch so decided to just sew two strips together to make one broader strap, overlapping the straps towards the back. I used a three-step zigzag to do this.

Here you can see the back of the strap. I sewed across both straps where they overlap completely.

The approximate dimensions of the strap – the purple numbers are centimetres and the ruler is 6 inches wide. Next time I would make the wide part longer, as I feel that it is still a bit too short and places some pressure at the back of my shoulder (but helps to relieve pressure on top of my shoulder).

To cover the straps, I cut a rectangle of lycra, folded it double with rights sides facing, and traced the outline of my strap with a wash-out marker. Then I sewed along the line, trimmed close to the stitching and turned it inside out.

Then I slipped the “sleeves” over the straps with the seam centred at the back. I stretched the lycra a bit and stitched across the bottom and top with a medium zigzag.


  1. Jos said

    Wonderful tutorial, thank you!

    Tina said

    Dankie, Jos!

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