My first lingerie set

I finally have a matching set of bra and panties. Not very exciting in colour, perhaps, but at least matching. The panties are from a cloned pattern and fit very well, much better than the Marinique pattern I also tried, which has just too little bum coverage for comfort. My cloned pattern cups nicely underneath the cheeks, yet has a high cut at the front leg with no side seams. I may change the gusset a bit though - it is very high and broad at the back and a little too low at the front. 

The pattern has a centre front panel, which I cut in lycra with the stretch in the two pieces running in opposite directions. It works very well without feeling stiff. I think in the original pair the layers were bonded.

I love the feel of the slinky nylon lycra, but have to add that it highlights every little imperfection... Maybe I'll stick to matte fabrics for panties from now on.


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