Twenty days without an overlocker...

No, it's not a new reality tv show, just a short post on my own stupidity.

Almost three weeks ago, all set up to do some assembly-line speed-sewing on new panties, I discovered that my overlocker didn't want to work. I phoned the Elna dealer and they said it was probably the foot control. I took it in a few days later.

A week later I phoned the guy at the shop and he said the foot control was fine, so please could I bring in my machine for checking? I arrived there at 5 past 4 pm and discovered that the shop closes at 4 pm.

A week later I headed out to the shop again, this time making sure I'd arrive well before 4. The guy had left work early. (gnashing of teeth) AND he doesn't work on Saturdays.

So yesterday I finally got there, carrying my by now heavy overlocker, he plugged it in and it worked! Turns out I hadn't closed the front door completely and this particular model has a safety feature that prevents the machine from working if the door isn't closed...


  1. Alice said

    Soms zit het mee,soms zit het tegen..jij mag kiezen wat het deze keer was. Gelukkig was je locker in ieder geval niet stuk.Groeten, Alice

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