Sewing panties ... not!

I planned to sew two panties today using my new overlocker - quick and easy, right? Not! I set up my sewing table, threaded my overlocker, put my foot on the pedal and ... nothing happened. The light is on, but the juice doesn't get through to the motor. A quick call to the Elna dealership told me that it was probably a loose wire in the foot control, and I have to take it in to be repaired. So it's back to the old-fashioned way of sewing with the sewing machine... I have to get matching thread and elastic too, so have just done the gussets so far. Dashing out to the shops now. Is it wishful thinking that they might be able to fix the foot control "while-u-wait"? Probably.


  1. Tina said

    It would help if I had remembered to take the d*** foot control with me to the shops. Today has just not been my day...

    Sigrid said

    Pity about the foot control. Hope you get it fixed quickly.
    You can get great results with a panty without a serger/overlocker. I never use one for these.
    Love the fabric/lace combination.

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