Bra surgery

Over the weekend I changed the straps on my most recent Danglez DB4 bra, and the result is much more comfortable.

The straps were much too broad and kept on slipping off. I thought the broad straps would be more comfortable! The side top of the cup was also a little too high and I realised that I would be able to change both straps and cups at the same time.

I removed the straps, unpicked the stitching and covered them in new lycra "sleeves". I gave up on unpicking the elastic from the cup and just cut it off down to the cup seam. Afterwards I realised the unpicking wouldn't have been so bad and I would have had more control over the outcome. I cut new pieces of elastic and sewed them on, overlapping the "old" elastic just behind the wire line. Also too late I realised that I should have put in new larger underwires before attaching the elastic, as my stiitching at centre front is practically impenetrable. Will just have to live with too small underwires in this bra.

Here you can see the result of my surgery: narrower bra straps attaching to narrower bits at the top of the cup. Not my best sewing. I will have think of some embellishment to distract they eye from those nasty stitches.

What I did do and feel very pleased with, was embroider three little silk roses on the centre front of the bra.

I used 4-mm silk ribbon in variegated shades. Wider ribbon will probably make bigger roses. The technique is very simple. I saw it first on Jos's blog at this link to a video demonstrating the technique.


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