Cover it up!

This blog started as a lingerie blog, but I see it is rapidly being transformed into a more general sewing blog as my latent sewing enthusiasm is rekindled by my fellow sew-alongists!

Over the weekend I couldn't work on either the PJs or linen shirt (overlocker not yet fixed, waiting to fit muslin on DH) so I had to turn to one of my started-but-lost-interest projects: a cover for my sewing machine. I got the instructions/pattern from at this link. I got the fabic from a dressing gown given to me by my ex-sister-in-law. It didn't fit and the colour also wasn't mee, but I love the dragon brocade pattern and thought it would be better to turn it into something I'll be using every day than to leave it lying around in a cupboard. My photo really doesn't do justice to the fabric.

I still have to add bias binding around the bottom edge, but am waiting for my overlocker to be fixed so I can overlock the side seams first - this fabric RAVELS. I unpicked the binding from the bottom of the gown - it is an interesting double layer of bias in two colours (maybe something to copy sometime?)


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