Making panties

Today, I started making panties matching my lycra bra. I bought a metre of the fabric, so have lots left over. I am trying two different patterns: the first is one I cloned years ago from a favourite RTW panty with a bit of tummy control, lace panels at the sides of the tummy panel, and no side seams (similar to the panties in the pink set at left). I think the no side seams bit was what I like most about the pattern, as I often find the side seams irritating and itchy. The second is from a pattern I ordered from Marinique a while ago for a high-cut brief. I made a pair in the size according to my measurements but it felt much too large - too high in the waist and also the leg openings were cut out much too high for my liking, with the result that it pulled up uncomfortably and didn't fit.

I subsequently read about simoneannemone's experiences with finding the best fit and she suggests making the "full brief" version as a muslin, and then marking the waist and leg openings you like once you are happy with the overall fit. I measured one of my well-fitting french-cut Jockey panties (pic from the web, not on me!) and used this size to choose a pattern size.I have cut out both panties and now just have to sew them up! Luckily this is much quicker than making a bra!


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