Ten things I hate about sewing in winter

  1. I like sewing barefoot (old machine quilter's habit) and my feet get cold, even in thick socks. Sewing with boots on just doesn't feel right.
  2. I like wearing warm winter clothes, but sewing while wearing a sweater/jersey/cardigan/jacket makes me feel thick and bulky and clumsy.
  3. For some reason, it's colder inside our house than in the warm winter sun outside, so I want to sit outside in the sun to warm up instead of in my fridge-like sewing room. (OK, it isn't really fridge-like, I have a heater.)
  4. Trying on clothes is a mission, because I have to take off all my warm winter woollies, put on a skimpy bit of lingerie, and then reverse the whole process.
I can only think of four things I hate about sewing in winter, so maybe it isn't as bad as I thought! But knitting socks in winter does seem much cosier!


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