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I have only recently realised that the reason I haven't worn a well-fitting shirt or t-shirt for the last 20 years is that I didn't know about the existence of the FBA (a.k.a. the full bust adjustment). I always chose my patterns according to my bust measurement (106 cm/42") and needless to say, my garments never fit. I think this was the major reason I gave up sewing clothes for myself years ago.

Now I have new hope! I have been looking at websites and blogs that explain how to do FBAs, and have tried doing one on the rooije hempje camisole pattern. This pattern has princess seams on the front. I have made up two muslins (one in stretch and one in non-stretch fabric) and it fits OK! I haven't made it up in a real fabric yet (have been too busy making bras).

Enter Marcy Tilton and David Coffin. I recently discovered the My Virtual Workshop website. Here you can preview bits from the CDs that David is producing with other authors. It looks like a great idea: a book with pictures you can zoom in on and videos that show you techniques. I looked at the two videos in which Marcy shows how to tissue-fit a t-shirt pattern and was hooked. I wear t-shirts about 70% of my waking life, even if they don't fit well (they all have those folds of extra fabric at the armscye). The other 30% I wear semi-fitted woven shirts, and they fit better but are still too large in the waist and shoulders if they fit over my bust.

So I'm thinking that I might be able to make t-shirts and shirts that fit with the help of these books. Please let me know if you have either of these books, and tell me what you think of them.


  1. Peg in South Carolina said

    I used Coffin's book to teach me to make shirts for myself. It is great with information I've not seen anywhere else.

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