Using glue with lycra

While working on a swimsuit set for my daughter two weeks ago, I felt too lazy to use pins or basting to hold things together, so decided to try out temporary glues. I used two different types: a spray basting glue (which I use in quilting) and a glue stick.

I used the spray glue (Madeira MSA 1100) to attach the lining to the front and back pieces before sewing the raglan sleeves. It worked well. My impression in the past has been that the glues seem to work best on natural materials. The fashion fabric I used was a viscose-lycra blend, so maybe this contributed to my success. The pieces handled like one piece of fabric.

I used an ordinary glue stick (UHU stic) to hold the hem allowances on the sleeves and at the bottom of the shirt.

The hem allowances stayed in place so I could sew the hems with a double needle on my sewing machine - no pins to pull out or break my needles!

Both glue types disappeared completely. The Madeira spray glue needs no washing - it evaporates over a few days. I love the lemon scent!


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