A miserable day

Today I am keeping all the curtains firmly closed - I don't want to see the miserable weather outside. We have had a howling wind for the last two days and it has blown every leaf it possibly could into the garden, mostly into the swimming pool. This includes 2-m-long palm fronds! I will probably only have the energy to tackle this clean-up job over the weekend...

I have not been sewing as much as I would have liked to the last two weeks. My husband is away on a course for three weeks :( and I hardly get around to doing all the things I have to do, never mind sewing. I am one of those very lucky women who has a man who cooks most of the meals when he's at home, so cooking is one of my added chores while he's away. I love baking, but cooking leaves me cold.
I have almost finished my princess line shirt, but am taking ages to set in the sleeves. Maybe today will be the day. 
My sport bra project ran into some difficulties yesterday - I sewed the elastic onto the wrong side! Luckily it's only a muslin, so I'm not going to spend time ripping it out. I've just realised this will be a legitimate reason to visit the fabric shop for some retail therapy! Maybe I can make it before picking my daughter up at school...


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