Sports bra ideas

I have been meaning to make myself a sports bra for a while and have recently been thinking about the design. I don't need a high-impact bra, as I do very gentle Pilates exercises, but more of a crop top to keep everything from moving around too much when I'm lying on my side or back, with quite a high neckline at the front.

I have collected a few examples pictures of sports bras from the web in the following short slide show.

My current idea is to make a fairly tight-fitting pattern based on a princess-line camisole, with wide encased elastic at the bottom. I hate that "uniboob" look that I usually get with crop tops and was thinking I might cut the front in half and gather it. I don't know yet whether front or back fastening (or no fastening) will be best. I quite like the idea of a zip fastening!

For material I am considering a firm powernet lining with cotton lycra outer layer. Maybe constructed like a lined sleeveless dress, so all seam allowances are enclosed?

I have no idea whether a racerback or bra-like back would be more comfortable/supportive. My feeling is that the bra-style back would give more support, but that the racerback allows greater freedom for arm movement.


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