Last night I started thinking about my Danglez bra again. In her email, Dini mentioned that she had used a lining fabirc with one-way stretch. I had used a very non-stretchy netting for a lining - could this be why the bra didn't fit? The easiest way to find out would be to remove the lining, and the easiest way to do that would be to cut it out using scissors! When I tried on the bra after this surgical procedure, it fits...almost.

There are still wrinkles in the bridge at the front and in the bra band, but I think going up one size will fix these. You can also see the weird indentations caused by the remaining non-stretch lining in the seams running across the cup.

The upper edge is no longer stabilised by lining and the bra sags a little because it consists of only one layer of lycra now. That white line at the top is the lining seam allowance that has popped out. I would like the cups to give slightly more coverage.

To really appreciate the change, you have to see what it looked like before. It distorted the curve of the breast completely (although the push-up effect was nice!). Look at that dent on the left side of the photo!

Ende gut, alles gut! - All's well that ends well!



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