Underwire channelling

In a previous post I wrote about the thick juicy underwire channelling I bought from Marinique. While working on my Danglez Number 1 bra, I discovered that my digital camera loves the light my Bernina makes and that I could take photographs without needing a flash. One of the pics I took during the bra-making process was this one of the channelling.

It seems to be a continuous tube with a plush side and a flat side. The channelling I used previously, always consisted of various thin strips of fabric sewn together, like bias binding, and had one or two lines of stitching along the edges. This new kind has no stitching whatsoever. When I took it out of the package I thought it would be difficult to sew without the guide stitching, but it isn't. I used a 10 mm seam allowance on the cup seam, and the channelling fits perfectly onto this. I used the edge of the foot as a guide and set the needle to the far left. This gives a distance of exactly 10 mm, sewing just inside the edge of the channelling.

The resultant stitching falls very close to my original line of stitching. I was quite impressed myself!

What do you do with bras that you've made that are too big/too small/don't fit? Some people throw them away, others put them in a drawer. I have hung mine on a hanger in my sewing room/office for future reference. I hope to have one that fits soon!



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