The acronym UWYH (Use What You Have, took me a while to figure it out!) has been featuring a lot on the lingerie blogs I read. Apparently lingerie-makers are almost as bad as quilters with buying and hoarding fabrics! I am one of the few not yet afflicted by this particular malady. Only regarding lingerie fabrics mind you - I am a dreadful hoarder of all things crafty and a quilter to boot! My son has banned the word "useful" from my vocabulary, because I use it to describe anything I don't want to throw away - "But it will be useful for..." You get the idea. One of my enduring hobbies since childhood is making things for my dollshouse, and this leads to terrible hoarding of anything small and possibly useful.

What I actually wanted to say before getting so sidetracked, was that in solidarity with my UWYH sisters, I am trying to FWYHS - Finish What You Have Started - instead of starting more and more new lingerie projects. So I have started on my lace Sewy Rebecca bra again instead of cutting out a new Dangles DB4.

I have finished the bra band and the cups and would love to finish it this weekend. I am not 100% happy with the shape the Rebecca has (bust apex pointing to the sides), but I took a lot of trouble with planning and cutting out the bra, and thought it would be good experience to finish it. I have never used this kind of tulle lace before, so it is a learning curve.



  1. Jos said

    What a wonderful lae Tina! Perhaps we can use a little bit of your blood to make an antidote for hoarding lingeristuff! I am badly addicted I must admit! Jos

    Heather M said

    Oh, that is gorgeous lace!
    I have to admit I'm a bit of an adict myself...but I'm not ready for recovery just yet! LOL!

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