Jalie 2005 instruction download

Just a quick post - while working on the Jalie 2005 T-shirt pattern a while ago, I realised that this out-of-print downloadable pattern doesn't have a separate instructions download on the Jalie website. I put together a PDF file containing just the instructions from the pattern and it can be downloaded from my box.net folder - click Downloads on the menubar above.

Edited to add (4 May): Here is a direct link to the PDF file - I hope it works. I will also look around for another document-hosting site.

And I found an interesting blog post about doing an FBA to this pattern by Mikhaela at Polka Dot Overload.


  1. LisaB said

    Hello, Tina. I am interested in the Jalie 2005 PDF, but box.net says it is unavailable to me. Would you check if the permissions are set to let anyone view it? Thanks!

    LisaB said

    Thank you!

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