Pattern stash

My new pattern stash is developing into a respectable shoe-box-sized collection. When we moved in 2005, I threw away my whole stash of patterns (including lots of vintage patterns inherited from my grandmother and all my old Burdas and Carinas - some from the 70s belonging to my mother). How I regret that now! There was a pattern sale here recently and I managed to get quite a few nice ones.


  1. Heather said

    Oh my...threw them out?! I just felt my heart ripping out of my chest! LOL! I donated several patterns some time ago and now I really wish I hadn't!

    Tina said

    Yeah, Heather, threw them out with the trash... I thought I was never going to sew again. Patterns my grandma used to make dresses for my mom in the 60s...

    The Burda magazines at least I donated to charity, hoping someone else could use them. Hey, maybe some of them are still at the charity bookshop?! Maybe I should go and look!

    Heather said

    LOL! They could be. I'm sure I probably re-bought several patterns that I donated to the thrift store!

    Liana said

    what!! your stash is a shoe box size wait till you see mine. When moving from a house to a cottage 3 years ago, I also gave patterns to a charity but I made very sure I keep all children. tracksuits and my own drawn patterns. the others seem to have been made of "shrinking paper" as they did not fit my "small size" anymore. I do not regret getting rid of those :))))

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