Weekend projects

We went away over the weekend and I wanted to take my sewing with me, but in the end I realised there wouldn't be enough space for my sewing machine (two kids plus three dogs also had to fit into the car...). I decided to take along my new Jalie patterns, which finally arrived on Friday, a month and ten days after I placed the order with fabric.com. And it was supposed to have been "Global Priority Mail", for which I paid USD15.95. Does anybody else have experience with overseas shipping with fabric.com vs Jalie? I would love to get my patterns sooner next time.

So, back to the topic: I took along my new Jalie patterns - stretch jeans and sweetheart top - as well as everything needed to trace the patterns. I first highlighted all the pattern pieces I needed for low-rise pants in size Q for my daughter and the normal-rise version in size V for myself in different colours, then I traced everything for the Q size onto very thin see-through interfacing, ready to cut. (I didn't get round to tracing MY pattern yet.)

I also cut out another pair of Simplicity 2665 pants for my daughter, this time in periwinkle cotton twill with purply quilting cotton pocket linings and facings. I adapted the zip opening to a fly opening with a fly shield before cutting out. I hope to finish these in the next few days.

Pattern tracing and cutting proved to be a nice, relaxing weekend-away activity, with no lugging around of heavy machines, and very space-conscious, as everything folded flat.

Just before we left, I almost finished my McCalls skirt - I still have to stitch the waistband lining down, and then do the hem. I have worn it a bit just to see what it feels like and I think I like it. It would be better in a slightly thicker fabric, though. I think the stuff I used is a bit too thin and doesn't give enough camouflage at the hip-thigh junction (read: saddlebags). Maybe lining it would help? I have absolutely no experience with lining, but it would be another new technique to add to growing list on the right >>>>



  1. Heather said

    Wow! A whole month?! Well, when I order stuff from Elingeria it takes about 6 weeks. But you paid for priority and that's not cool! Can't wait to see your jeans!

    Tina said

    Hi Heather, thanks for sharing your experience with ordering from Europe. I've looked at a calendar and it was exactly six weeks from ordering to getting my envelope in the mail. I often order books from the UK and USA and they are always faster - four weeks at the most. Maybe the delay is at customs, but there were no taxes on the pattern order - maybe books just slip through the net more easily.

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