McCalls 5429 skirt pattern

After a lot of unselfish sewing for family members, I am sewing something for myself. I love long skirts almost as much as I love jeans, and when I saw this pattern at the sale, it was love at first sight. When I looked it up after I got home, it got even better - people who made it said that it is better than the pattern envelope shows. For two reviews, see Make it smirk and Sewsterhood. (I am ignoring Marynanna's references to inner doileys!)

I spent some time over the weekend tissue fitting the pattern and it seems OK. (I also "felt fat" over the weekend so fitting wasn't very rewarding, especially over the tummy area...) I think I'll have to tweak the curved waistband a bit, but I will do that once I have sewn the eight skirt panels together and can more accurately judge the fit. I get a bit uptight wearing so much paper - and all those pins!

I ignored the incredibly complicated fly instructions and followed Sandra Betzina's video on Threads. I did have to redo some bits, because I placed the zip too low and only figured this out when I was about to topstitch. I am making this version from polycotton (I'd forgotten how awful this is to work with!). Next time I'm reversing the fly direction - it seems more logical to have it facing right if you are right-handed. I'm also going to revisit Debbie's fly tutorial (no URL at the moment, Debbie is updating her website, but I have a PDF), because I'm still not quite sure how to align the zip to the temporary stitching. I aligned the edge of the zippper tape to the seam, and the zip ended up very far inside the flap. But it worked well otherwise.


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