More books on my bookshelf

I had a few things to take to my local branch of Hospice (= thrift/op/oxfam shop) today and of course this turned into a very good reason to visit their book shop. Remembering my discussion with Heather on a previous post, I looked at the sewing and pattern section. Only two oldish Burdas (but each had one nice top pattern), but I did get two books to add to my collection: the Afrikaans version of Colour Me Confident and a basic pattern drafting book by Rene Bergh (Maak jou eie patrone), also in Afrikaans. I have used one of her books on drafting patterns for children's clothes before, and found it simple and straightforward. The examples are a bit dated (1995), but the principles of drafting remain the same, no? I am very pleased with my acquisitions - great bargains too!


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