A linen shirt

I am panicking: I have been wanting to make my husband a linen shirt for a long time, and yesterday finally took the plunge. I found a men's shirt pattern with good reviews on Pattern Review (KwikSew 2777), went and bought the very expensive (for me) fabric at the very upscale fabric shop in town, and then went to the pattern shop. No KwikSew 2777. I had to get another pattern without help from PR members! I chose the Burda 7767, because it was (a) in stock, (b) has a slim fit, and (c) has different collar patterns. Back home I looked it up on PR and found one very positive review.

Luckily I am not a novice sewer and have made men's shirts before (from a Burda pattern), but that was over 10 years ago. AND I have never worked with linen before!I bought a bluish khaki-green linen (worrying that it is too firm!). My husband works in an informal environment and never wears ties, and white just wouldn't work for him. I am hoping to add a lot of topstitching detail in 100% cotton thread.

I washed the fabric yesterday after overlocking the edges (accidentally pushing my tea tray off the sewing table, breaking the sugar pot I inherited from my grandmother) and tumble dried it. I don't want any shrinkage after I've made the shirt. I spent some time last night looking up flat-felled seams and am now wondering whether I should buy a felling foot for my machine. This is turning onto an expensive shirt!

Maybe I should stop worrying and just do it!


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